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Surrogacy Program

[cq_vc_figurenav images=”6062,6097,6108″ labels=”1,2,3″ titles=”Application & Reviewing,Pre-approval & Matching,Screening & Testing” descriptions=”” displaynum=”1″ figurefontcolor=”#ffffff” bordercolor=”#ff966b”]1/ Fill out the application online.
2/ Our team will review your application.
3/ We will conduct an Interview with you.

1/ Sign service agreement.
2/ We will contact your clinic to obtain more information.
3/ We will match you with the surrogate candidates.

1/ The surrogate will pass the preapproval by clinic.
2/ Travelling to the clinic for an onsite medical screening.
3/ Medical clearance  issued. 

[/cq_vc_figurenav][cq_vc_figurenav images=”6104,5726,6112″ labels=”4,5,6″ titles=”Legal Contract,Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET),Pregnancy & Delivery” displaynum=”1″ figurefontcolor=”#ffffff” bordercolor=”#ff966b”]1/ The IP’s attorney will draft the surrogacy contract.
2/ GC’s representing attorney will help review the contract.
3/ The finalized contract will be signed and notarized.

1/ GC enters cycle and start medications.
2/ GC travels to the clinic for FET.
3/ Pregnancy test.

1/ Heartbeat ultrasound confirmation.
2/ 12 week ultrasound.
3/ Waiting for the big day!