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How OPP works

How OPP works

As a leading surrogacy agency in CA, we proudly offer our intended parents the options to pay a fixed price for their surrogacy journey. It’s specially designed for those who would like to minimize the unexpected risks associated with the process.

Given that fact that the process can be as long as 1-2 years or even longer, and there are usually many parties involved, a surrogacy journey in its nature is with risks and uncertainties. By choosing from one of our OPP (One Price Program) options, the intended parents were able to contain their cost in the surrogacy journey to a fixed amount, and to focus more on the readiness for their upcoming babies.

The intended parents will be asked to select an option when signing the retainer agreement with us. The package payments will be in 4 installments to ease the financial stress for the intended parents, with each installment due upon a specific milestone.

Learn what’s incluced in OPP

Level 1: $120000

OPP- included services-120k

Level 2: $136000

OPP – included services-136k