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We Offer More Than A Number

We uphold the philosophy of love and care, in treating our candidates with the individual respect, dignity and care they deserve.

Compensation Package List



[cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Matching Bonus” frontcontent=”$350″ backcontent=”Paid upon medical clearance.” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Maternity Clothing” frontcontent=”$800(Singleton)/
$1200(Multiple)” backcontent=”To cover the expenses on maternity clothing as needed.


Paid at the start of the second trimester, 13-16 weeks.” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Referral Bonus” frontcontent=”$1500″ backcontent=”Refer a qualified surrogate to receive $1500 bonus upon their successful matching.

GC can not refer herself.” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Travelling” frontcontent=”Reimbursable item” backcontent=”Travel Arrangement: All hotel, airfare, meals, and transportation will be provided for the GC and a companion.” rotatecube=”0″]

[cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Base Compensation” frontcontent=”$35000-$45000″ backcontent=”1st time surrogate (Non-CA): $35000

1st time surrogate (CA): $40000″ rotatecube=”0″ titlesize=”1.5em”][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Wellness Retreat” frontcontent=”Up to $1000″ backcontent=”Reimbursement for massage, chiropractic, or other wellness treatments during the term.” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Valid Insurance Bonus” frontcontent=”$2500″ backcontent=”Additional $2500 bonus if surrogacy friendly insurance policy verified by a specialist;
Note: IPs wont be responsible for the premiums if carrier choose to take insurance bonus.” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Mileage” frontcontent=”Reimbursable Item” backcontent=”Long distance Mileage: Only applicable for long distance travel (over 40 miles) using the GC’s own car.” rotatecube=”0″]

[cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Experienced Surrogate” frontcontent=”$10000-$15000″ backcontent=”Experienced Surrogate (Non-CA): $10000

Experienced Surrogate (CA): $15000″ rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Psyc Counseling” frontcontent=”Up to $2000″ backcontent=”$100 to cover the counseling expenses by the mental health professional and $100 to the GC. Up to $2000 overall.” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Invasive Procedures” frontcontent=”$800 per procedure” backcontent=”To compensate invasive procedure such as Amniocentesis, CVS, termination, reduction or a D&C is required. $800 for each procedure.” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Lost Wages” frontcontent=”Reimbursable Item” backcontent=”Lost Wages: Applicable with acceptable wage verification and written physician’s verification regarding the medical necessity for work absence.” rotatecube=”0″]

[cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Monthly Allowance” frontcontent=”$4500-$5000″ backcontent=”$300/month, starting by the month of contracting till 3 months after birth.” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Multiple Pregnancies” frontcontent=”$8000″ backcontent=”Extra $8000 for twin outcome” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Loss of Reproductive Capacity” frontcontent=”$3000″ backcontent=”In the event of loss or damage to her reproductive functions (ovary/ovaries, fallopian tube(s), and/or uterus)” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Legal Counseling” frontcontent=”Reimbursable Item” backcontent=”To cover the legal counseling expenses from an attorney during the process.” rotatecube=”0″]

[cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Embryo Transfer” frontcontent=”$1000 per transfer” backcontent=”Payable upon each embryo transfer” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”C-section Allowance” frontcontent=”$3000/$5000″ backcontent=”$3000 if C-section was a repeated one from GC’s previouse births.
$5000 if GC’s last birth was natural vaginal delivery and C-section for this journey.” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Life Insurance Policy” frontcontent=”$250,000 Face Amount” backcontent=”One year term life insurance with $250,000 face amount.” rotatecube=”0″][cq_vc_cubebox frontfullimage=”5724″ fronttitle=”Child care and housekeeping” frontcontent=”Reimbursable Item” backcontent=”Child care and housekeeping: To cover child care expenses during medical screening or embryo transferring, or during physician prescribed bed rest or activity restriction.” rotatecube=”0″]